Gluten Free Work

I woke up feeling really thirsty and sore. I felt sore yesterday, too. I did Shred level 2 on Monday and my legs aren’t taking it well! Note to self: Shred once a week to avoid this.

My Tuesday went fine and long. I went into work at 8 am and realized I’d be there until after 5 pm. I didn’t notice the 3 month follow-up group (for our diabetes clinic patients) at 4:30 pm. I’d actually buy dihydrocodeine not done this follow-up class before since there’s one dietitian who always does it, but she is the one who is off for 3 weeks. There’s a first for everything, right?

I had a full schedule of diabetes clinic patients but only half of them showed up! Luckily I had plenty of work to catch up on. We also had a RD meeting that lasted an hour. Our main topic was discussing changing some of our screening protocol based on our hospital-wide data. I appreciate that about our hospital-we’re always looking to improve and not doing minimal effort to make changes either.

A dietitian brought in gluten-free cookies from TJ to try out.

Ginger snaps are potent! I never would have known the cookies were gluten-free without seeing the label.

I had plans to make dinner and go for a run after work but neither happened. The boyfriend and I ended up doing family with his dinner and 50 high school students. We sat at dinner with other high school teachers and I couldn’t help but think, “Whatever they are being paid, they deserve more.” I did end up asking how they handle all of this and pointed around the room. After dinner some of us headed to the local brewery for beer.

This morning my body was begging for another oat smoothie. I was thirsty and needing plants.

It hit the spot for sure. The coffee was then to then warm me up. I left a window open last night and have cold fingers and toes as a result!

Continuation of my internship landing…

With an internship now in my hands, I was one step closer to becoming a dietitian! I was a little behind since my offer came about in late May.

Did I mention I was offered the internship position only because another student’s visa fell through? Unfortunate for him/her but fortunate on my part. Bitter sweet for sure.

With a distance internship program, I had to find my own sites that were willing to take me in. The sites received zero monetary compensation. Only free labor. I tried all around the Bloomington/Normal area but no dice. I was referred to Rockford. I was familiar with Rockford since NIU was located nearby and the boyfriend lived (lives) there.

The first hospital that I called asked me to come for an interview in two days. This was the biggest lead yet! I went to the interview where I met with the dietary manager and one dietitian. They really just wanted to check over the objectives to make sure they could provide the experience required. I got the green light! After a ton of paper was signed, I started my internship there in August 2009.

In the mean time I still needed to fax transcripts and medical records, get titres, physical, etc. Communication is tough with going to school that is 800 miles away. I was on my own. Not another student next to you to ask each other what the heck you were doing (not even Dwight K Schrute!).